Professional Consultant Masterclass™
In today’s highly connected world, being able to influence change, build consensus and achieve success are more important than ever

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Martin's Mission is "To enable the next generation of consultants, entrepreneurs, business owners and directors in transforming organisations for the better!"

From The Creator Of The Professional Consultant Masterclass ...Martin Sharp
Dear Professional Consultant,

You are about to learn how to influence change, build consensus and achieve success.

We are living in a golden age of opportunity, where it has never been easier to make change happen and help organisations leverage their products and services.

You are about to discover how to realise your potential to make change happen the easy way where you don't have to do it alone, whilst others stress and struggle along with their old out-dated ways.

From here on you'll also realise the solid financial certainty that comes from being a change maker and making things happen, that will keep you in demand and allow you and your firm the opportunity to create a greater income, whilst others stay stuck at the same level month in month out.

But that's just a fraction of what you'll take away with your from the Professional Consultant Masterclass. You will also be working on the aspects of your life that will help you redesign a life with optimum peformance so your new results are pemanent and lasting.
Please contact us for information on our next event or why not organise private tailored training sessions for your staff and consultants
This Training Is for You If:
  • You feel you have a lot to offer but just don't know how to get yourself heard or noticed. You may not know where to start, yet you have bundles of enthusiasm and are willing to learn and implement.
  • You already use consulting methods yet you are finding it difficult to influence change, even when you see the problems before they happen and have the skills to avoid them. So you are looking for way to help and guide others for a better outcome.
  •  Perhaps you are already a active consultant. Maybe you are an IT Consultant, a Business Consultant, an Accountant, a Lawyer or someone who uses consulting methods with a passion to change and transform their own organisation or others. Possibly you want to be able to change lives as well as businesses and you want to improve your skills and learn some new ones.
  •  May be you are entrepreneurial such as a business owner, entrepreneur, want to be entrepreneur, solopreneur, or you are inside a corporation yet act like intrapreneurs, in that you want to go further, have a bigger reach, improve your status.
  •  You’ve seen and heard of other people who frankly aren’t more intelligent than you making very good money in this new golden age and you want someone to show you what to do to make big money too.
John-Paul Byrne
Used the skills taught in the Professional Consultant Masterclass and achieved success with his international client in a challenging environment.
And he is not alone in experiencing the skills taughts at the Professional Consultant Masterclass...
Szabolcs Ujavari recommendation
Sid Mohamoodally recommendation
Chris Jones recomendation
John Hakin recommendation
Jon Ryan recommendation
Danny Mason recommendation
Andrew Woodhouse recommendation
Shaun Hopgood recommendation
Jonathan Chapman recommendation
Mark Cosgrove recommendation
Jeremy Hore recommendation
Mayank Saxena recommendation
Kamren Mirza recommendation
Ladi Gbadamosi recommendation
How the programme works
What consultants like yourself will learn at the Professional Consultant Masterclass is how to improve their level of influence, become a more effective leader and achieve greater consensus and success.
You will learn exactly HOW you do it as we reveal the secrets of success, AND you will apply these secrets straight away, during the weekend as you create and share materials that are going to improve your performance. But not only that, you are also going to be learning how to evaluate your own materials and those of others.

Who is it for?
This programme is for consultants, IT consultants, business consultants, accountants, lawyers or others who use consulting methods to change and transform their organisation, other organisations or the lives of others.
If you currently work with or want to work with entrepreneurial people, business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, want to be entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, or intrapeneurs - entrepreneurial people who are inside a corporation – this programme is for you.
If you want to go further, have a bigger reach, improve your and your clients status, this programme is for you.
Who is it not for?
However, this is not for you, if you are happy where you are right now and have no desire to change anything. If you feel you are already serving your clients and your organisation at the highest level and don’t want or need to improve anything.
And if you are looking for an ordinary, run of the mill, train the trainer type programme, then this isn't for you. There are other organisations that do that very well. There are other courses available that give you the academic material and leave you to work out how to apply it in real life.
In 2016 Martin became an award-winning author with his Amazon Best Selling book Digital Transformation: The Significant 7 Imperatives for Delivering Successful Change in Complex IT Projects and was asked to write for the British Computer Society for their 2015 publication Digital Leaders. Then in 2017, Martin was made an international award-winning speaker by the Professional Speakers Academy.

As an enterprise architect and strategic thinker, Martin consistently brings technical clarity to the most complex client issues. Navigating the complex and ever-changing IT landscape, Martin’s pragmatic solutions deliver change and realise business benefit within every organisation, every time.

Martin Sharp has worked in the IT industry since 1993 and has developed an eclectic variety of skills in management and strategy along with a breadth and depth of technical knowledge and experience. Clients have described Martin as ‘Knowledgeable, personable, refreshing, unbiased, diligent, help!‘ ‘A breath of fresh air in a world where IT complexity often seems to create as many challenges as it solves.'

As an Enterprise Architect, IT Solutions & Technology Consultant, Martin is an enthusiastic leader, helping companies to structure their IT so that it becomes a business enabler not a barrier to communication & growth.

Martins career has provided him with experience across a wide range of sectors from Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace companies, Universities, Councils, Motor and Drinks manufacturers, Airport operators, hospitals through to countless smaller businesses; Martin has advised thousands of company IT users and improved the way they interact with their IT devices and consume IT services. These include companies such as Kinstellar, HSBC, ITV, Spire Healthcare, Heathrow Airport, PAREXEL International, Manchester Airport Group, University College London, Close Brothers, ING Bank, Platform Smart and Comms-care.
You've probably heard that first impressions count? At the Professional Consultant Masterclass you'll be analysing the unconscious decisions that your mind is making and creating a conscious realisation around all your non-verbal communications and your interactions with others.
No one can do everything by themselves and even if you could, would you want to? Yet have you ever been in a situation where others haven't understood you, even though you thought you were being very clear? At the Professional Consultant Masterclass you'll be developing a greater awareness of how others absorb the message you are delivering, then developing these skills further for use in your everyday interactions.
Making decisions is a necessity of success and successful people make 10x more daily decisions than Mr. and Mrs. Average. At the Professional Consultant Masterclass you’ll build and exercise your decision-making muscles as you make the life-enhancing choices that will radically shift the quality of your personal and professional life.
Have you ever noticed how successful people know what drives them and they know what to do to fuel these drives and get things done? In other words they know their WHY. At the Professional Consultant Masterclass you’ll get crystal clear on what drives you, so it becomes simple to know what to say NO to and what to say YES to without feeling confused or guilty.
Have you ever noticed how some people and organisations get paid more, even though they may not be as skilled as you are? At the Professional Consultant Masterclass we will work through how you can improve the contacts you have to maximise the opportunity to serve and quickly become the trusted advisor and source of all answers.
  • Learn how to influence change and take advantage of the golden age of opportunity.
  •   How to create a highly effective team so that you don't have to do it all yourself and can achieve greater results for your client, organisation and yourself.
  •   Improve the income for your business and yourself by becoming the recognised change maker who gets things done. 
  •   Achieve your optimum performance setting yourself up for success time and time again
The Professional Consultant Masterclass is not for you if you're happy not to change, have no desire to improve yourself, your organisation or further help and serve your clients. And if you are looking for an ordinary, run of the mill, train the trainer type programme, then this isn't for you. There are other organisation that do that very well. There are other courses available that give you the academic material for you to work out how to apply in real life.

But if you are looking for modern techniques coupled with the very latest strategies to make a big and positive impact for organisations in this golden age of opportunity then you are going to love the Professional Consultant Masterclass and you’ll want to bring a colleague or friend to experience it with you.

And at this early stage in our relationship with you we don’t want price to be a barrier to the next phase in your journey (as otherwise you may be the world’s best kept secret)
Our vision is that everyone who uses or needs to use consultative skills has the ability to create the perfect union between their technical expertise and the ability to communicate and influence others for the betterment of their organisation and mankind.
With this Professional Consultant Masterclass we have kept the barrier to entry exceptionally low with major UK businesses sponsoring your place, so it's EASIER FOR YOU TO ATTEND

My inspiration for founding the course came to life whilst in my previous role as Lead Technical Architect for a global managed services and systems integrator. I became involved in a poorly performing division of the business, where we standardised some commodity offerings, introduced new service lines such as out sourced IT & won significant new business from both public & private sector. After this success I had what Michael E. Gerber describes as an "entrepreneurial seizure" & decided to take my skills, ethos & processes out into industry myself. This allowed me the opportunity to further study the art of change and transformation distilling my findings into the Professional Consultant Masterclass.
23rd - 25th November 2018
Please contact us for information on our next event or why not organise private tailored training sessions for your staff and consultants
I look forward to meeting you in person
Martin Sharp
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